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Who can I contact for help?

Your organizational Effort Reporting Coordinator, School/College Research Office, or Finance Outreach and Compliance can provide you with assistance.

Finance Outreach and Compliance has created a Time and Effort Certification system email address. Send an email to osp-timeandeffort@virginia.edu to ask a question or request assistance from FOC.

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What educational opportunities regarding Time and Effort Certification are available?

Finance Outreach and Compliance, offers workshops on the topic. All Effort Reporting Coordinators are required to attend upon initial placement in the role and are encouraged to review the material when significant changes are made to the practice or Effort @UVA. These sessions are offered free of charge. Specific unit/departmental outreach is also available upon request.

Please use this URL for more information on the classroom sessions: http://www.virginia.edu/sponsoredprograms/compliance/educationopportunities.html

An on-line eight (8) minute presentation intended as an overview for faculty on time and effort certification theory is available from this URL: https://foc.virginia.edu/effortuva-references

For assistance in navigating and understanding the functionality of the web-based Time and Effort Certification System, please use the on-screen help in Effort@UVA.

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