Finance Training

Courses, Workshops, and Labs

We offer many instructor-led and online courses for business and finance professionals across Grounds. You can enroll in a course by clicking on the course title below, or from the link in the Events listing on the Finance Outreach and Compliance home page. Once in Employee Self-Service, if you see "No results found" under the class number, there is not a class scheduled for that course. Please email to request a class. Enter the course title you are requesting in the body of the email.

Brown Bag Sessions

Brown Bag Sessions are lunch-time training offerings led by subject matter experts on various topics of interest to finance and business professionals. The sessions are held monthly, usually on a Wednesday, 12-2 P.M. We hope that you will find these sessions useful and that they provide you with new knowledge, tips and information that will help you in your work and career! We often have catering vendors offer a sampling from their menu as well. 

We cover topics such as Using UBI, SecureUVA, Supplier Diversity, Making Bettter Charts, Emergency Preparedness, Recharge Centers, Using America To Go, and many more.

See the listing of Events on our home page for a more detailed description for each session. For your convenience, a registration link is provided in the events listing and we would appreciate advanced enrollment if possible.