Finance Training

Courses, Workshops, and Labs

We offer many Instructor-led and Online courses for business and finance professionals across Grounds. You can enroll in a course by clicking on the course title below, or from the link in the Events listing on the Finance Outreach and Compliance home page. Once logged in to Employee Self-Service, if you see "No results found." under the class number, there is not a class scheduled for that course. Please contact us at  to request a class. Enter the course title you are requesting in the body of the email.

Basics of Internal Controls:  What are Internal Controls and why are they important? How do we ensure our controls are functioning as intended? Why is this important to you as an employee of the University? We will discuss internal controls, what the Internal Control Questionnaire (ICQ) is, and our responsibilities for state mandated ARMICS requirements.

ExpenseUVA Fiscal Approver: Understanding Your Role:  As a Fiscal Approver, you are responsible for reviewing expense reports submitted by Expense Owners or Delegates in ExpenseUVA. In this session you will learn about the importance of your role in ensuring expenses are properly classified to the correct PTAEO, are in compliance with University policies, and are adequately documented with justifications and receipts.

ExpenseUVA: Managing T&E Card Transactions;  With the transition to ExpenseUVA, the process for reconciling T&E Card transactions has changed. In this session you will learn how transactions are loaded into ExpenseUVA, how to create expense report headers, upload and manage receipts, merge transactions, move transactions to expense reports, and best practices for managing T&E Card transactions. This session will provide a general overview of the T&E Card reconciliation, and a demo of managing transactions. For hands-on help, please enroll in an ExpenseUVA: Lab.

ExpenseUVA: Lab:  Do you need help with UVA's new expense management system, ExpenseUVA? During this lab, you will be able to log into the live system and submit expense reports with help from the UVAFinance team. You will also learn where to go for resources and help. IMPORTANT: This class is a lab where you can come for help with entering actual expenses, and is not intended to replace the ExpenseUVA: Online training. Please complete the online training prior to attending the lab and bring your work with you. 

ExpenseUVA: Online Training:  This training is for individuals who are Expense Owners/Delegates, Fiscal Approvers, Expense Approvers, and/or Supplemental Approvers who will be using the Chrome River system to manage UVA expenses.

Finance Fundamentals:  What is UVA’s mission? What is the Code of Ethics and why is it important? What is the organizational structure of UVA and where do you fit in? What is a PTAEO? What are the sources of revenue at UVA and how are funds processed? What do you need to know about internal controls, and what are some best practices to follow? In this class you will get answers to these questions and more, as well as have an opportunity to interact and network with other administrative professionals. This class is a required course for access to the finance applications in the Integrated System, but is also open to anyone who wants to learn about UVA’s financial operations. 

Foreign Corrupt Practices Act:  This online training module is designed to help you understand the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and its implications for you here at UVA.

General Ledger Revenue Reconciliations Workshop:  This course will provide guidance in performing revenue reconciliations at the University of Virginia and understanding the requirements. In this course, we discuss how to comply with policy and procedure to accurately complete your monthly revenue reconciliations.

Managing Salaries/Wages Charged to Sponsored Activities:  More than 20% of the University's revenue comes from external sponsors in the form of grants and contracts. Anyone who schedules salary and wages charged to grants in the Integrated System Labor Distribution (LD) module needs to understand that the rules for grant funds are very different than those for other funding sources such as state funds. LD scheduling impacts a whole host of reporting and compliance requirements, and failure to do it correctly can have serious financial consequences for the institution. This training session covers everything you need to know to ensure that salaries are charged correctly and compliantly.

Mastering Account Reconciliations:  This course is designed to navigate the expenditure reconciliation process at the University of Virginia using Recon@ UVA. In this course, we discuss how to comply with policy and procedure to accurately complete your monthly expenditure reconciliations. This course will be most useful for UVA Staff and Faculty who prepare, review, and approve expenditure reconciliations.

PCI Coordinator Training:  Payment Card Industries (PCI) Coordinator Training is an instructor-led class and is required training for those appointed to be their area’s PCI Coordinator. In this class, you will learn about the various ways we process credit cards at the University, the PCI Data Security Standard, and your role as a PCI Coordinator. This class is usually held twice a year, and PCI Coordinators are contacted by UVAFinance to enroll.

TravelUVA: Lab:  Do you need help with Concur, UVA’s travel booking system? During this lab, you will see a demo of the system, be able to practice, ask questions, and log into the live system and book upcoming travel with the help of travel experts from UVAFinance.

Introduction to UBI:  This online course provides an introduction to navigation and functions within the University Business Intelligence (UBI) reporting tool. Additionally, it will introduce some basic data governance and data analytics concepts. The course includes a series of hands-on exercises. This course is required for approval of the EDW_P_Finance responsibility requested in ESHARP to gain access to UBI Finance modules.

Brown Bag Sessions

Brown Bag Sessions are lunch-time training offerings led by subject matter experts on various topics of interest to finance and business professionals. The sessions are typically held bi-weekly, usually on Wednesdays, 12-2 P.M..* We hope that you will find these sessions useful and that they provide you with new knowledge, tips and information that will help you in your work and career! We often have catering vendors offer a sampling from their menu as well. 

We cover topics such as Using UBI, SecureUVA, Supplier Diversity, Making Bettter Charts, Emergency Preparedness, Recharge Centers, Using America To Go, and many more.

See the listing of Events on our home page for a more detailed description for each session. For your convenience, a registration link is provided in the events listing and we would appreciate advanced enrollment if possible.