Managing Salaries/Wages Charged to Sponsored Activities

Event Type: 
Michie North, Room 223
Event Date: 
September 29, 2016
Event Time: 
1:00 pm to 4:00 pm

More than 20% of the University's revenue comes from external sponsors in the form of grants and contracts. Anyone who schedules salary and wages charged to grants in the Integrated System Labor Distribution (LD) module needs to understand that the rules for grant funds are very different than those for other funding sources such as state funds. LD scheduling impacts a whole host of reporting and compliance requirements, and failure to do it correctly can have serious financial consequences for the institution.This training session covers everything you need to know to ensure that salaries are charged correctly and compliantly.

This course is intended for individuals with LD responsibilities in the Integrated System, as well as individuals who make decisions about labor scheduling. The first two hours will be more general, and the third hour will focus more specifically on issues relation to labor schedules for clinical faculty in the School of Medicine.