Research Administration - Financial Management of Sponsored Awards (Part One)

This is Part One of a two-part workshop.  Each session is a 3-hour workshop to take a deeper dive into aspects of post-award financial management topics.  In Part One, attendees will learn more about topics such as Notice of Award Review, Cost Sharing, Setting up Labor Schedules, Cost Transfers, and Requesting Sponsor Approvals

Lean in Daily Work

Would you like to learn practical ways to implement Lean strategies into your daily routine? Lean in Daily Work will provide you with practical, easy-to-implement strategies to make your current processes more efficient, leaving you with more time to innovate and create. Through hands-on activities and sharing practical examples, you will gain skills to help you:

UVAFinance Training: Office 365

Office 365 is being used by more and more people across Grounds. Be proactive and learn how to use these tools for collaboration and productivity. This class will go over the basic navigation and some of the applications of Office 365. You will also see and hear how other UVAFinance professionals are already using Office 365 in their work.  The following sessions will be offered in Carr-1 &2 (register by logging into the Integrated System and then clicking the link for the session you want to attend).


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