Staffing and Responsibility Changes in FOC

Effective 3/1/2017, the Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) has resumed responsibility for review and processing of labor distribution (LD) adjustments and Retro Requests (>90 day LD adjustments and Other-than-personnel-services (OTPS) cost transfers).   Effort reporting and certification will also be transitioning from FOC back to OSP in the coming weeks.  Due to these changes, Andrew Bedotto and Christine Carrizosa have taken on new responsibilities within FOC.  Although Andrew will continue to support the current effort reporting cycle, he has otherwise transitioned to the export control team and will be performing a variety of export and licensing assessments to support University research, teaching, service and patient care activities.  Christine will assiting Finance areas in updating policies and updating or developing procedures for use by personnel in departments and schools as well as performing financial compliance reviews and Agency Risk Management and Internal Controls Standards (ARMICS) testing.  

Please join me in supporting Andrew and Christine as they focus on their new roles!


Kelly Hochstetler, Director