Student Information System Training

System Toolkits

Use the toolkits to:

  • determine what system access an employee needs to do his or her job and what responsibility(ies) to request
  • find out information about training and support

To get started, select the toolkit below that aligns with the employee's job duties.

Financial Aid (FA)

The Financial Aid module enables you to enter awards through departmental awarding, provides access to departmental financial and reporting data, allows select users access to update Work Study information, and allows you to view student financial aid information.

Departmental Aid (DA) and Student Aid Funding Module (SAFM)

The Departmental Aid and Student Aid Funding modules are technically part of the Financial Aid module. University schools and departments enter financial aid that is awarded from sources over which other departments may have oversight and control. Information regarding these awards is communicated to Student Financial Services (SFS) so that aid may be disbursed to the student.

Student Finance (SF)

The Student Finance module enables you to manage student receivables, billing, collections, and cashiering, and provides access to students' financial information.

Learning Paths

Learning Paths for each responsibility can be found in Employee Self-Service, Learner Home. Search for the Learning Path for the name of the Student Information System responsibility and subscribe to the path to see what courses you are required to complete to gain access to the system. See the instructions for completing a Learning Path for more information: /sites/

Navigating the Student Information System