As the name Finance Outreach and Compliance (FOC) implies, the office has a two-fold mission; we provide both outreach/training to University personnel and support compliance assurance for the institution. While these missions are distinct, they are interrelated.  In order to be successful, a compliance program must clearly communicate requirements and provide tools that assist stakeholders in meeting compliance objectives. The most effective way to do this is through publishing concise informative policies, procedures, and guidance as well as providing training that incorporates both theory and practice.  Once clear expectations have been set individuals can and should be held accountable for their actions. In much the same way that training is critical to compliance program success, training programs can be greatly enhanced by incorporating knowledge gained through compliance program monitoring activities, internal and external audits, or peer review programs.

FOC Compliance Teams

Currently, FOC compliance staff support two areas of compliance:  

  • Financial Compliance: This group performs various activities and functions that assist in assuring institutional compliance with external requirements, as well as University financial policies and procedures.
  • Export Controls: This group provides support services to assist faculty, staff and students in complying with US export control and sanction regulations as they apply to University activities. These regulations can apply to on Grounds activities as well as activities conducted outside the U.S.  

We frequently partner with other central offices, departments and schools to work on process improvement projects for the benefit of the University community and welcome suggestions for future projects, opportunities for engagement, suggests to improve collaboration or communication, and constructive criticism.  Feel free to contact any member of the FOC team directly or to email us at

Other UVA Compliance Offices

The UVA Compliance website serves as a portal for institutional compliance information including the University Mission and Code of Ethics, Compliance Matrix (a of compliance contacts by topic), and options for reporting known or suspected instances of non-compliance. 

Various compliance programs primarily associated with the conduct of research fall under the oversight of the Vice President for Research; this includes the Office of Sponsored Programs' management of effort reporting and costing required by sponsor terms and conditions.