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Who can I contact for help?

Your organizational Effort Reporting Coordinator, School/College Research Office, or the Office of Sponsored Programs (Post Award) can provide you with assistance.

OSP has created a Time and Effort Certification system email address. Send an email to osp-timeandeffort@virginia.edu to ask a question or request assistance from OSP.

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What educational opportunities regarding Time and Effort Certification are available?

New Effort Reporting Coordinators should email osp-timeandeffort@virginia.edu for initial training.  Refresher training for current Effort Reporting Coordinators is available online through Oracle Learning Mangement; go to your Learner Home and search for "Effort Reporting Refresher."

An on-line eight (8) minute presentation intended as an overview for faculty on time and effort certification theory is available from this URL: https://foc.virginia.edu/effortuva-references

For assistance in navigating and understanding the functionality of the web-based Time and Effort Certification System, please use the on-screen help in Effort@UVA.

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