Finance Fundamentals

Finance Fundamentals at UVA and PO Shopper's Guide to Finance Fundamentals

Finance Fundamentals is an important introductory course that helps finance and business professionals better understand UVA's financial systems, accounting structures, and internal controls.

Finance Fundamentals is offered in two formats -- instructor-led and online. The instructor-led course is offered twice a month at Carruthers Hall, and completion of this course is required for access to most of the finance applications in the Integrated System. PO Shopper’s Guide to Finance Fundamentals is an online version of the instructor-led Finance Fundamentals at UVA course. It covers the same material, including information on procurement systems and policies, but in a condensed, online format. Anyone is welcome to take this online class, but it is specifically targeted to employees seeking PO Shopper responsibilities (UVA PO Shopper-$1 and UVA PO Shopper>$1). Individuals requesting Viewer responsibilities may also find this content helpful.

If you only need access to a PO Shopper responsibility, you will be able get this access faster without having to wait for the instructor-led class by completing PO Shopper’s Guide to Finance Fundamentals. It is required for UVA PO Shopper>$1, and recommended for UVA PO Shopper-$1, and has been included as part of the Learning Path for both responsibilities. The instructor-led Finance Fundamentals at UVA is still a required course for access to the Integrated System for those requesting other Finance responsibilities, including PO Requester and PO Purchaser. 

Following are resources for both courses: