General Time and Effort Certification FAQs

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Why is it necessary to certify effort and the effort of those working on sponsored and non-sponsored activities?

Time and Effort Certification is a federal requirement: Uniform Guidance - 2 CFR.200.430 Compensation - personal services. In performing these required certifications the following is accomplished:

  1. ensuring that committed effort on sponsored activities is documented, whether the financial support for the effort is provided by the sponsor or other university funding sources,
  2. verifying that payroll costs charged to specific sponsored activities is commensurate with the certified effort expended toward those activities,
  3. documenting effort toward various clinical activities, and
  4. accounting for 100% of university effort.

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What is the approved University method for the certification of effort?

The After-the-Fact method used to confirm the distribution of salaries and wages based upon a percentage distribution to various activities, supported by the generation of periodic activity reports. These reports should reasonably reflect the employee's activities associated with each sponsored agreement as well as to each category of other University activities. 

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What is "University Effort"?

The sum of all activities that comprise professional/professorial workload at UVa, including the Medical Center and UVa at Wise, for which the employee is compensated (through UVa and/or the University Physicians Group (UPG). This includes research, instruction, public service/other sponsored activities, administration and clinical activities. For the purpose of effort certification, 'university effort' totals 100%, regardless of the number of hours worked. For additional information on certain activities that are included and excluded from 'university effort,' reference Appendix A of Policy FIN-027, Time and Effort Certification at

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What is "Committed Effort"?

That part of University effort that is quantified and included in a sponsored program proposal, later awarded, as effort/time to be devoted to the aims of that proposal (e.g., two summer months, 12% time, one half of a year, three person-months, etc.)..

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How is "Committed Effort" supported?

Associated funding to support effort commitments can be in the form of:

  • Direct payment from the sponsored project, and/or
  • Payment from other non-federal sources, normally University sources (generally known as "cost share").  

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Who receives a periodic effort report?

  • Faculty who work on sponsored projects- for which the sponsor reimburses effort through direct payments from the specific sponsored activity.
  • Faculty who work on sponsored projects- but whose committed effort on the project is funded by a source other than the sponsoring agency as "cost share."
  • Clinical faculty
  • Faculty responsible for Graduate Students or other employees working on their sponsored projects.
  • Faculty assigned as the Principal Investigator on active projects during a specific effort reporting cycle, regardless of the presence of direct salary support or a cost sharing commitment against those projects.

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