Integrated System

What is the Integrated System?

The Integrated System is the University’s suite of administrative applications (also called modules) used for financial operations. The finance applications in the Integrated System that are accessible by departmental users include the following:

  • Purchasing (PO) and Accounts Payable (AP) - These applications allow users to make purchases and pay vendors for those purchases.
  • Grants Management (GM) - This application, sometimes referred to as Grants Accounting, allows users to set up Projects and Awards and budget Project and Award combinations.
  • General Ledger (GL) - This application is used to record revenue, approve pending journals, and analyze transactions, assets, liabilities, and fund balances (net assets).
  • Accounts Receivable (AR) - This application is used to create and maintain customer records and to create transactions including invoices, which are printed, mailed, and then collected centrally by UVAFinance.
  • Fixed Assets (FA) - This application is used for the accounting functions related to the University’s fixed assets, which include buildings, furniture, computers, and other capital equipment. Departmental users have the ability to view Fixed Assets information in this application.
  • Labor Distribution (LD) - This application allows users to view, enter, and adjust labor distribution schedules.


Many of the Integrated System applications require access to University Business Intelligence (UBI) to run and view reports. 

For information about UBI access and training visit the UBI website.

What responsibility is needed?

Go to Responsibility Descriptions (left menu) to determine what system access an employee needs based on their job duties and what Integrated System responsibility(ies) to request.

See the Steps to Access for more information on the process for gaining access to the Integrated System and links to other resources.

All responsibilities are requested using the Electronic Self-Help Access Request Process (ESHARP).

What training is required for access to the Integrated System?

Most Integrated System responsibilities require the completion of training. With a few exceptions, finance responsibilities require completion of an instructor-led introductory course, Finance Fundamentals, as well as online training specific to the responsibility. See the Responsibilities and Training for a list of courses, and links to the courses for each responsibility. When you have completed all training for a responsibility email 

Please see Training for Finance Responsibilities for a full list of training for all of the Integrated System responsibilities.