Posted: Friday, July 10, 2020 - 9:33am

While the function of financial compliance will remain in UVAFinance, Export Controls as a department has moved with Hochstetler to the VPR’s office.  Read more on the blog.

Posted: Thursday, June 25, 2020 - 3:22pm

The Network for Change and Continuous Innovation (NCCI) 2020 annual conference will be digital. No travel costs! No Conference Fees!  Read more and learn how to register on the UVAFinance blog.

Posted: Friday, June 12, 2020 - 9:24am

7/27/2020:   UBI Analytics GA modules show a doubling of commitments.  The UBI Labor Distribution modules show accurate commitments.  This is due to an Oracle system error that is currently being researched.  More information will be posted here as it is discovered. 


6/12/2020:  The UBI Analytics, Payroll Earnings Detail report now contains the Disbursement Plan Period for faculty appointments.  The Disbursement Plan Period includes both the duration (i.e., number of months) and the start and end dates for faculty appointments (e.g., August 25 - May 24) since we now have Disbursement Plan Periods that start on dates other than August 25.  We hope this information will be useful to you when doing LD scheduling and reconciling labor costs for these positions.

Digital forms are now available to support your monthly GL reconciliation process; use of the digital forms is not required, it is simply provided as an option you may use instead of signed hard copies. Links to both the print and digital versions of the Alternate Assignment and Reconciliation Approval forms are included in the GL Reconciliation Procedures.  You can also find the Alternate Assignment form on the ReconUVA website.  Answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs) about GL reconcilation, including use of the digital forms, is also available.


4/29/2020:  ITS EA is currently testing the patch to correct the LD/GA discrepancies and, so far, it looks very promising.  It may still be a couple of weeks before we can apply the patch to production. This is due to the fact that running the scripts will take a couple of days (so will be done over a weekend) and to avoid impacts on payroll processing (so we won't do it on an academic bi-weekly payroll week).

Effective 4/27/2020, managers of hourly employees have until 3PM on the Monday following pay period end to approve submitted time; the 12PM (noon) deadline for employee time entry has not changed.

A recent audit revealed an area of concern with respect to our timekeeping practices: approximately 20% of entered time was being mass advanced without manager approval. To address the problem, Payroll has taken a variety of steps to communicate the importance of manager review, correction, and approval of submitted time:

  • A new report, "Mass Advanced Time Block Detail - Manager and Time Support," is now available in Workday.  As the name suggests, managers and individuals with the UVA Time Support role can run this report. Managers may find this report useful in identifying trends that could be problematic, e.g., employees that routinely submit or correct time just before the deadline making it more likely that the entry will be mass advanced.
  • A new Workday alert to managers identifying any time that was mass advanced without their approval. This alert identifies each employee with mass advanced time and the time block(s) that were not approved prior to payroll processing.  The alert remindes them to work with their Recon@ Preparer to ensure these entries are carefully reviewed as part of the monthly reconcilation process because reconciliation is the compensating control to prevent waste, fraud, and abuse associated with labor costs resulting from mass advanced time.
  • A new Workday alert to manager's of managers making them aware of any mass advanced time in their area(s).  This alert is summary in that a manager of managers will only receive a single alert identifying the manager(s) who report to them who had employees with mass advanced time. If no time is mass advanced, no alert will be sent. The alert also asks them to work with their managers to reinforce that their timely review, correction, and approval of submitted time is essential to good stewardship of University funds.

Read more about the Mass Advanced Time Block Detail - Manager and Time Support report, the alerts, tips for using your Time & Absence dashboard, and access other timekeeping resource on Payroll's Timekeeping Tools webpage. 


4/10/20:  UVAFinance's Director of Business Intelligence, Mark Anderson, provided the following notice:

The UBI team has created a new field in GA_Analysis_Actuals and PO_Reporting modules to help identify COVID related transactions - it does this by looking for wildcard matches to "*COVID*" and "*Corona*" in Comments field, Project Name, Award Name, and Task Name.  It will not be 100% accurate and may pick up some false positives (especially “*Corona*”) but if you are looking for directional indicators of spend related to the current crisis we hope this helps.   Please forward to your teams if relevant.

Please note that we have seen many T&E credits that reference refunds related to COVID cancellations so these my artificially suppress the total amount reported as the original transactions will likely not be tagged as COVID related.

The field in GA Analyis Actuals and PO Reporting is called “COVID Search Flag” – you can use the global search feature and search “COVID”.

If you have questions or suggestions, please let me know or email

Thanks to the UBI team for the quick response, especially Ashley Bagby and Kevin Mawn.

3/31/2020:  A new resource explaining the Workday costing allocation (similar to Oracle's labor distribution schedule) functionality used to charge MC or UPG employees salaries and fringe costs to ACD PTAOs is now available!  Check it out HERE or access it on the the Labor Distribution training resources page.


3/30/20: See issue specific updates, below.

GA Labor Expenditure Discrepancies:  The ITS-EA team has applied a patch to Oracle that prevents the creation of new discrepancies between LD and GA values for labor expenditures.  A patch to correct the previously created discrepancies is still being tested.

Oracle Encumbrance Issue:  Due to the delay in getting a data patch from Oracle, we encourage you to use the manual correction recommended in the 2/24/20 post, below.  Please contact Kelly Hochstetler ( if the manual correction does not fix your encumbrance problem.

Worker ID Masked (UPG charges to ACD):  In response to user requests and to facilitate the monthly reconciliation of ACD projects, the UBI team has removed the masking on the Worker ID in the GA Comment Field for from the GMSA-HSF records (UPG payroll charges that hit OTPS expenditure types in Oracle), see example below:

 This change has been made going forward, starting with the March load of GMSA-HSF records; unfortunately, the EDW team is not able to unmask the Worker IDs from the January and February reports.


2/24/20:  See issue specific updates, below.

Oracle Encumbrance Issue:  ITS-EA is continuing to work with Oracle on a patch to correct the encumbrance issues created last fall (October/November); however, LD schedulers can manually force the correction by end-dating the LD schedule for any assignment that is not properly encumbered and then recreating it. Oracle reads this as a change, implements it as if it is a new schedule, and encumbers it correctly. We are not asking you to manually correct each employee, we're still working on a mass process, but did want you to know that you can make the corrections yourself if needed.

Access to WD Payroll Earnings Information:  The Payroll Earnings Detail module in UBI Analytics now includes the "Retro Period" impacted by LD adjustments; this should assist with the monthly reconciliation of labor expenditures.  For more information about monthly reconciliation, please review the GA reconciliation webpage and the updated Frequently Asked Questions, specifically the enhanced section on "Reconciling Labor".  Send any additional suggestions to enhance the functionality and usefulness of this report to or for other reconciliation resources to

GA Labor Expenditure Discrepancies:  We are aware of a new "rounding issue" in Oracle that is causing a small discrepancy between the values for labor expenditures in GA vs LD (and WD); the earlier issue was in the LD module but Oracle has confirmed the new issue is a result of a processing error in GA.  The UBI Reporting and Analytics modules that pull data from Oracle tables, correctly reflect this same discrepancy.  While the discrepancy is small, usually a few pennies per entry, it creates problems for people trying to make LD Adjustments since the LD module only lets you adjust the cost reflected in that module; therefore, when the GA value is higher, the difference remains on the original PTAO.  We do not currently have a work around to adjust the remaining pennies but ITS-EA is working with Oracle to develop a patch. We will post updates to this site as more information becomes available.


2/4/20:  Updates on three items, below:

Oracle Encumbrance Issue:  ITS-EA is continuing to push Oracle for a patch to correct the encumbrance issues created last fall.  We are not aware of any problems with the current encumbrance process.

Student FICA Process:  Recent updates were made to Workday processes that facilitate compliance with University policy HRM-008, Student FICA Exemption, and the IRS requirements referenced therein. As a result of these updates, students who are ineligible for the exemption from FICA (i.e., OASDI and Medicare) withholding are now having the employee portion withheld from their paychecks.  In addition, units paying students who are ineligible for any exemption from FICA withholding will see the Wages, Other fringe rate assessed to their PTAOs; this rate recovers the employer portion of FICA that is owned to the IRS.  The following are the most common reasons that students are ineligible for the Student FICA Exemption:

  1. They have one or more active non-student job (i.e., wage, regular, or temporary) in Workday.
    • Note:  In some cases, students are appropriately in non-student jobs. A common example is when an advanced graduate student is hired to teach an undergraduate course; in these cases the student is correctly hired into a faculty wage position making them ineligible for the Student FICA Exemption for as long as that position is active in Workday.
  2. They are not enrolled in a UVA degree program.
    • Note:  Students enrolled in a degree program at another institution who are taking classes at UVA may be eligible for student employment but are ineligible for the Student FICA Exemption from UVA.
  3. They are enrolled less than half-time.
    • Note:  Both UVA and the IRS provide an exception from this requirement for students in their last semester prior to graduation; such students are considered full-time as long as they are enrolled in sufficient credits to fulfill their degree program requirements.

The Provost's Wage Authorization requires that students be enrolled full-time in order to qualify for student employment; this is more stringent than the eligibility requirements for the Student FICA Exemption.  The Wage Authorization also establishes compensation rates for student jobs and limits cummulative work on all student jobs to 20 hours per week without prior authorization from the Dean (or delegate) of their academic program. Questions about any of these requirements should be directed to the Provost's office.

If you have questions about eligibility for the Student FICA Exemption or the Non-Resident Alien (NRA) FICA Exemption, please review University policy HRM-008, Student FICA Exemption, and/or the International Tax webpage.  Any remaining questions should be directed to Payroll Services at

Access to WD Payroll Earnings Information:  The Payroll Earnings Detail module in UBI Analytics now includes the following fields:  Manager, Job Family Group, Employee Type, Fiscal Year, and Calendar Year.  Note:  Fiscal Year and Calendar Year are based on the record's Pay Period End Date. These fields are in addition to the organization, hours, and earning type that were added previously. Workday is the source of all data displayed in this module.  


1/10/20:  No new updates on the patch to correct labor commitments; ITS-EA is continuing to follow-up with Oracle. 

The UBI team is currently working on two known issues:  1) Discrepancy between WD, Oracle LD, UB - Rounding Issue and 2) Payroll Detail: Retro period line items missing. You can track the status of these issues in the UBI Community at

BudgetUVA and Recon@UVA are not reporting any issues.


12/13/19:  No new updates on the patch to correct labor commitments.  BudgetUVA and Recon@UVA are not reporting any issues. 

Reminder: ITS-ES continues to update UVA HR's LD Transactions Not Available in Oracle webpage (behind Netbadge) on a weekly basis to provide transparency into expenditures that fallout from the Workday to Oracle integration process.


12/6/19:  ITS-EA is still waiting for a patch from Oracle to correct the errors to labor commitment that occurred in October.  Once the patch is provided, ITS-EA will thoroughly test the patch before applying it to the production environment. We do not have a firm ETA on the patch, so corrections are not likely to be made until after year-end.


12/2/19:  ITS-EA successfully ran the encumbrance process to relieve commitments for Bi-weekly 24 and Monthly 10 and 11 payrolls prior to November month-end close.  The team is still awaiting a data fix patch from Oracle that will retroactively correct the labor commitments that are currently overstated or missing.  

BudgetUVA and Recon@UVA are currently not reporting any issues related to month-end close at this time. 


11/22/19:  The patch Oracle provided last week has been thoroughly tested and will be moved into the production environment on Sunday, 11/24.  Once in production, ITS-EA will run the Monthly 10 encumbrance process to relieve the associated labor commitments.  The team is still awaiting a data fix patch that will retroactively correct the labor commitments that are currently overstated or missing

Payroll and ITS-EA have outlined a timeline for processing Bi-weekly 24 and Monthly 11 during the holidays next week to ensure the Labor Distribution actuals are posted and associated encumbrance processes are ran prior to November month-end close.  You can see this timeline (and other key month-end cutoff dates) on the Financial Reporting & Operations operational calendar


11/15/19:  ITS-EA is continuing to coordinate resolution with Oracle via a SEV1 service request.  The team has been provided a patch that was moved into a test environment this week.  The initial review looks promising thus far but they will continue an extensive review to ensure the test yields anticipated results before moving the patch into production.  In addition to resolving the encumbrance processing issue, Oracle is also working on a data fix patch which will retroactively correct the labor commitments that are currently overstated or missing. 

The Payroll Earnings Detail report in UBI Analytics has started pulling in new retro actions; we hope to have all retro actions going back to Workday go-live soon.  Future enhancements will include adding the date of the payroll period impacted by the retro event. We are also working on additional resources to help people understand the cross-walk between Workday compensation elements and Oracle expenditure types and what actions may need to be taken in the Oracle LD module. 

Another positive note:  Financial Reporting and Operations is working with Enterprise Applications to further building out their operational calendar to provide greater transparency into various deadlines and system processing events.


11/8/19:  ITS-EA is continuing to work with Oracle on a new patch that will address the problem with labor commitments. Once we receive the patch, it will be tested and, if validated, applied to our production environment.

On a positive note, for those of you monitoring the payroll transactions that are not appropriately passed to Oracle (available behind Netbadge on UVA HR's LD Transactions Not Available in Oracle web page), I'm happy to report there were no unprocessed entries this week thanks to the ongoing work of the ITS-EA team.  We will be removing the FY19 spreadsheet from the web site but will continue to update the FY20 spreadsheet weekly to provide you with visibility into any processing defects.

BudgetUVA and Recon@ are not currently reporting any issues.


11/4/19:  While improving system performance in one area, a recent Oracle patch created unanticipated issues with commitments on biweekly payrolls 21 and 22 and monthly payroll 10, which you will see reflected in your October reports. Specifically, you might see that labor commitments are overstated or, for personnel who had an LD schedule change, missing for the remainder of FY20.  While labor commitments may be inaccurate for October, actual expenditures are correctly reflected in Oracle and downstream reporting solutions.

UVAFinance and ITS-EA are actively working to address this problem as quickly as possible; once the current issue is corrected, your commitments should be updated and accurate from that point forward.  Beginning next week, we will post weekly updates in the news section of the FOC homepage regarding this issue and any other system status updates.

Posted: Thursday, September 12, 2019 - 12:11pm

The new Workday business process for moving and relocation assistance were launched on September 3.  Read more on the UVAFinance Blog.

Posted: Thursday, August 8, 2019 - 3:58pm

Coaching involves teaching people and helping them to grow. It's different than managing, mentoring, or problem-solving, and it's a leadership style that can change your relationships and your organization. Learn what coaching is, and how some simple coaching questions can change the way you interact with colleagues, supervisees, and even family.  Listen here!

Posted: Monday, June 10, 2019 - 12:30pm

In two new episodes, guests Theran Fisher and Lisa Harris of UVA Talent Development discuss changing when change is hard and the importance of resilience.  Read more and listen in via the UVAFinance blog.

Posted: Thursday, May 9, 2019 - 1:41pm

We have multiple classes available to help you learn the basics about Lean as well as furthering your Lean skills.  Read more and see the classes and dates.

Posted: Thursday, April 25, 2019 - 12:47pm

We just added many new books to the library in the corner of the coffee area in Carruthers.  Drop by and check them out (literally!).  Read more on the blog.

Posted: Friday, April 12, 2019 - 9:41am

Lean Fluency is a 3-hour workshop with some pre-work, designed to familiarize learners with the basics of Lean principles, vocabulary, and tools.  Click the date to enroll through Workday Learning:  May 3, 2019 or July 24, 2019.

Posted: Wednesday, March 27, 2019 - 12:42pm

Please join us on Wednesday, June 12, 12-1 pm in Carr-2 for the next UVAFinance Book Club meeting. We will be discussing Simon Sinek’s Start With Why. There is a copy of this book in the Book Nook (in the corner of the Carruthers 2nd floor break area) which may be available for check-out.

What's Start With Why all about?  Check out author Simon Sinek's TED Talk for an inside look!

Visit the Start With Why Website

If you have questions about the UVAFinance Book Club or would like to suggest a book or lead a discussion, please email

Posted: Tuesday, March 12, 2019 - 10:12am

Are you ready for the next step in your Lean Journey?  Then hold April 9!  Read more on the blog.

Posted: Wednesday, January 16, 2019 - 4:38pm

Position and assignment updates impacting pay for the academic division biweekly pay period ending January 6, 2019, should now be available in the LD module.  

Please review your LD schedules for the pay period ending January 6 and make any necessary adjustments by close of business on Friday, January 18.  As you review, pay special attention to individuals receiving Goal Pays ("Period Activity Pay" in Workday).  The GA/GL will be updated on Monday, January 21, with data reflected in UBI by Tuesday, January 22.

Note:  Please access this resource on the FOC website for instructions on the new report available in the LD module that shows active assignments for an individual (navigate to the section entitled "View UV LD Assignment Crosswalk Report for LD Schedules").

If changes you previously processed in Oracle or Workday are not reflected in the LD module, or if you are not able to access other information you need to perform your work, please contact the HR Solution Center at or 434-243-3344.

Updates impacting the academic biweekly pay period ending January 20, 2019, as well as future-dated actions are also in process and are expected to be complete by January 20.   


Posted: Friday, January 11, 2019 - 2:39pm

We have discovered that the "catchup" data after the November 30 cutover from Oracle has not completely loaded. New assignments created in Workday have not pushed correctly to Oracle, so you may not see assignments you would expect to see in LD.   The Enterprise Application team will be working to fix this today and over the weekend, and we expect that by early next week, all data should be updated and correct.  Watch for an update on this situation next week. Thank you for your patience during this time of transition.  Questions?  Email 

Posted: Tuesday, October 23, 2018 - 2:58pm

What books, blogs, and sites do you love to enhance your professional life?  Check out these recommendations from UVAFinance on the blog!

Posted: Thursday, October 11, 2018 - 1:44pm

Would you like to learn practical ways to implement Lean strategies into your daily routine? Lean in Daily Work will provide you with practical, easy-to-implement strategies to make your current processes more efficient, leaving you with more time to innovate and create. Through hands-on activities and sharing practical examples, you will gain skills to help you:

• Use the 5S strategy for organization to help with identifying and eliminating waste and continuously improving processes;
• Document how you do your work using the Standard Work approach;
• Manage work through tools such as a Kanban Board; and
• Implement time saving ideas to improve efficiency and increase productivity.

Completion of Lean Fluency is a prerequisite for this class. Two classes are currently scheduled: Wednesday, October 24, 3:00-4:30, and Monday, December 17, 10:30–12:00.

Log into Employee Self-Service and then click on this course link to enroll: Lean in Daily Work

Both Lean in Daily Work and Lean Fluency will be part of a UVAFinance Lean Certification which will be offered beginning in early 2019. In addition to these two classes, the certification will include another course, Advanced Lean, and Lean Labs, which will be focused on one specific Lean concept, approach, or tool. Completion of the certification will require successful completion of all three courses and at least 3 of the labs.

Get a head start by participating in Lean Fluency and Lean in Daily Work now!

Posted: Thursday, October 11, 2018 - 1:43pm

Office 365 is being used by more and more people across Grounds. Be proactive and learn how to use these tools for collaboration and productivity. This class will go over the basic navigation and some of the applications of Office 365. You will also see and hear how other UVAFinance professionals are already using Office 365 in their work.  The following sessions will be offered in Carr-1 &2 (register by logging into the Integrated System and then clicking the link for the session you want to attend).

30 October – from 1:00-2:00

15 November – from 12:30-1:30

Posted: Tuesday, October 2, 2018 - 1:41pm

With the establishment of our vision, mission, and values, and the beginning of the Finance Strategic Transformation comes an increased need to be able to connect our learning and development efforts directly to business outcomes.

In Finance Outreach and Compliance, we’ve been changing the way we design, deliver, and target training to:

  • Identify specific business needs and ensure training provides the solution
  • Include multi-phase learning to improve the learning experience
  • Ensure that learners are able to use and apply the skills and knowledge on the job
  • Establish a culture that supports and encourages the learning process

What does this mean for employees and managers?

Employees will continue to see offerings for classes and programs (both informal and formal), but the classroom will not be the only place where learning occurs. If you have been to Lean Fluency, you have already seen an example of our new approach. Many formal training offerings will involve multi-phase learning, which will typically involve the following:

  • Phase One: Primes you for learning and ensure you arrive at class ready to learn more. It also allows for the classroom phase to be a more engaging experience!
  • Phase Two: This is what has typically been seen as the main training event (classroom or online) portion of the training.
  • Phase Three/Four: After the training event, we provide reinforcement of the concepts and give an opportunity for practical application as well as tools and/or resources to support on-the-job performance.

Managers will become a partner in this experience, as you will play an important role in priming and reinforcing this learning. 

Watch for more information soon on training sessions for UVA Finance managers, specifically designed to help you learn how to help establish a learning culture, provide support to your staff’s development, and play a key role in achieving business outcomes.

For more information, email

Check out the new episode of Finance Matters for more about the new approach to learning.

Posted: Monday, October 1, 2018 - 9:24am

Finance Outreach and Compliance is pleased to announce that Nasima Andesha has joined their team. In her new role as an Administrative Technician, she will primarily handle requests for responsibilities in eSharp so that requests move smoothly to the training team and supporting procurement by working with purchasing hierarchies.  Read more on the blog.

Posted: Friday, September 14, 2018 - 1:52pm

We now offer an online version of the instructor-led Finance Fundamentals at UVA course.  If you only need access to a PO Shopper responsibility, you will be able to get this access faster, without having to wait for the instructor-led class. 

Posted: Monday, July 9, 2018 - 9:06am

Join your colleagues for UVAFinance Book Club:  it's professional development and networking all in one!  Everyone is welcome and remote participation is no problem. Read more!