Understanding Export Controls

What are export controls and how do they relate to you? What are instances when export controls may apply to your work? Why is safeguarding export control information and products important? This session will provide a basic overview of export control regulations and how they could affect your day-to-day responsibilities and how the Office of Export Controls can assist you.

Recharge/ Service Centers: Everything You Need to Know

What is a Recharge Center? A recharge/service center is a unit within UVa which provides non-profit goods and/or services of a specialized nature to other UVa users on a recurring basis and charges a fee for those goods/services. Operations that are set up as recharge/service centers are designed to recover the costs of their operations, primarily through charges to internal UVa users. Both UVa revenue generating policies and federal government policies must be adhered to in the establishment of developing cost-based rates to users .

Finance Fundamentals

What is UVA's mission? What is the Code of Ethics and why is it important? What is the organizational structure of UVA and where do you fit in? What is a PTAEO? What are the sources of revenue at UVA and how are funds processed? What do you need to know about internal controls, and what are some best practices to follow?

General Ledger Revenue Reconciliations Workshop

The goal of this course is to provide guidance for performing revenue reconciliations at the University of Virginia, and understanding the requirements in accordance with University policy and procedure. Upon completion of this session employees will have information needed to run appropriate GL reports and complete timey monthly revenue reconciliations as required by Procedures 1-5.

This workshop is intended for fiscal personnel who prepare, review, and approve revenue reconciliations but is open to all University academic faculty and staff.

Mastering Account Reconciliations

The goal of this course is to assist employees with their expenditure reconciliations and to inform staff of the relevant policies and procedures. We will also provide demos of the Recon@ system. Upon completion of this course employees will be able to complete monthly expenditure reconciliations as required by Procedures 1-4 and 1-4A.

This course is intended for fiscal personnel who prepare, review, and approve expenditure reconciliations but open to all University academic faculty and staff.

Cost Transfers Workshop

The goal of this course is to provide an overview of the creation of cost transfers and to review frequently asked questions. We will provide guidance on preparing & understanding cost transfers and the process, discussing the most common errors and tips for efficiency and accuracy. This course is intended for UVA employees who work with cost transfers in the Integrated System but open to all University academic faculty and staff. To Enroll: Enroll via the Integrated System Employee Self-Service or the registration link above.

Records Management: Supporting Documentation and Record Retention

What is Records Management?

Records management is the administrative term for the process of:

  1. The maintenance of currently-active, administratively-useful, public records;
  2. The disposition of public records that no longer serve administrative, legal, fiscal, or historical purposes; and
  3. The preservation of those records that have historical value or that must be preserved by law or for other reasons.

Do you know the applicable requirements for records management in your department?


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