Research Administration

Sponsored programs are an important part of the University's financial portfolio and directly support key components of the University's mission.  Most sponsored programs support research or scholarly work and related activities.  They may be funded by a variety of sponsors (e.g., Federal or State agencies, private companies, or non-profit foundations) and are awarded to the University as grants, contracts or cooperative agreements.  To accept sponsored programs, the University must come to an agreement with the sponsor on what terms and conditions will apply to the award.  For example, the University and the sponsor must agree on the scope of the activities to be performed, what may and may not be paid for with sponsor funds, who owns any resulting intellectual property, how payments will be made, and what deliverables must be provided to the sponsor.

Given the complexity involved in the administration and management of sponsored programs, Finance Outreach and Compliance (FOC) offers a variety of courses and other training opportunities specifically geared to the Research Administrators who support these programs as well as other employees who may be interested in moving into a research administration position.  

Individual Courses

  • The following course is a longer Research Administration course.  This is a joint effort between numerous groups involved with research administration and the Curry School of Education with the purpose of giving a broader overview of Research Administration as a career.  If you are interested in learning more about Research Administration or one of the sub-areas (pre-award, post award, etc.), this course is for you.  You will need to log in through NetBadge to access the course:

Certified Research Administrator Review Course 

Each fall FOC offers the CRA Review course for individuals interested in expanding their knowledge of research administration and potentially sitting for the Certified Research Administrator (CRA), Certified Pre-Award Administrator (CPRA) and Certified Financial Research Administrator (CFRA) exams offered by the Research Administrators Certification Council (RACC). 

The Fall 2018 course will begin August 15th and consists of weekly lunchtime sessions that will focus on specific areas of the RACC Body of Knowledge.  Registration is open, but space is limited to 15.  Priority will go to those who plan on sitting for the exam in Fall 2018 or Spring 2019.  For more information and to register, please click HERE.  For more information on the CRA Review course, please contact Erika Priddy (x3-7295).   

Brown Bag Sessions

FOC also coordinates a series of Brown Bag (mid-day) sessions on finance and research administration topics; please check our homepage or Brown Bag page for a schedule of upcoming sessions.

Other Opportunities

In addition to the online, instructor-led and Brown Bag sessions, FOC also provides one-on-one coaching and customized training for small groups on research administration topics such as effort reporting, labor distribution adjustments, retroactive cost transfer requests, and cost sharing.  

While some training topics may be unique to sponsored programs, much of the day-to-day financial work of research administrators is done in the University's Integrated System.  If you have responsibilities in the finance modules of the Integrated System, you will be required to attend FOC's instructor-led Finance Fundamentals course and to complete the online courses associated with your specific responsibilities. To complete the training requirements for Integrated System responsibilities, subscribe to the Learning Path with the name of the responsibility (e.g., GA Award Manager) in Employee Self-Service, Learner Home, and enroll in and complete each course in the path.