System Help and Support

Integrated System HR-Finance User Group Community

Join the HR-Finance User Group community! This is the place for users of the Integrated System at UVA to find help and exchange ideas! Whether you are a new user or a subject matter expert (SME), this is a vibrant community where questions, answers, and discussions are welcomed and encouraged. Most Finance users are given access to the group by the UVAFinance training team. The steps to join are as follows:

1. Go to “My Workspace” on UVACollab, and sign in with NetBadge.

2. Click “Membership” in the left column.

3. Click “Joinable Sites” near the top.

4. In the search box in the upper right, enter “HR-Finance” and click “Search”.

5. You’ll see HR-Finance User Group in the resulting Worksite list. Click “Join”.

That’s it, five steps and you’re in! 

See the following video tutorial for help in joining and using the HR-Finance user group community in UVACollab:  Using the UVACollab Site.  In this tutorial you will see how to join the site, search existing topics, post a new topic, and get notifications when someone replies to your topic.

Online Self-Help

Help topics are specific to UVA processes, procedures, and system customizations. They contain the most up-to-date information available. To access the online help:

  1. Click on “Help” or “?” in the system and get a list of topics that are applicable within the window you have open. Use the search field and enter key words to narrow the list of available topics.

  2. Once you find the topic, click “Do It!” to open the customized help. The help topic opens in a smaller window which gives step-by-step instructions to follow as you complete the work in the system.

The following resources are available for additional information on accessing and using the online self-help:

Contacts - for help with:

Finance training -

University Business Intelligence (UBI)


Technical issues (system outages, Joint VPN, Java, browser configuration) - UVA Help Desk