System Status Updates

1/10/20:  No new updates on the patch to correct labor commitments; ITS-EA is continuing to follow-up with Oracle. 

The UBI team is currently working on two known issues:  1) Discrepancy between WD, Oracle LD, UB - Rounding Issue and 2) Payroll Detail: Retro period line items missing. You can track the status of these issues in the UBI Community at

BudgetUVA and Recon@UVA are not reporting any issues.


12/13/19:  No new updates on the patch to correct labor commitments.  BudgetUVA and Recon@UVA are not reporting any issues. 

Reminder: ITS-ES continues to update UVA HR's LD Transactions Not Available in Oracle webpage (behind Netbadge) on a weekly basis to provide transparency into expenditures that fallout from the Workday to Oracle integration process.


12/6/19:  ITS-EA is still waiting for a patch from Oracle to correct the errors to labor commitment that occurred in October.  Once the patch is provided, ITS-EA will thoroughly test the patch before applying it to the production environment. We do not have a firm ETA on the patch, so corrections are not likely to be made until after year-end.


12/2/19:  ITS-EA successfully ran the encumbrance process to relieve commitments for Bi-weekly 24 and Monthly 10 and 11 payrolls prior to November month-end close.  The team is still awaiting a data fix patch from Oracle that will retroactively correct the labor commitments that are currently overstated or missing.  

BudgetUVA and Recon@UVA are currently not reporting any issues related to month-end close at this time. 


11/22/19:  The patch Oracle provided last week has been thoroughly tested and will be moved into the production environment on Sunday, 11/24.  Once in production, ITS-EA will run the Monthly 10 encumbrance process to relieve the associated labor commitments.  The team is still awaiting a data fix patch that will retroactively correct the labor commitments that are currently overstated or missing

Payroll and ITS-EA have outlined a timeline for processing Bi-weekly 24 and Monthly 11 during the holidays next week to ensure the Labor Distribution actuals are posted and associated encumbrance processes are ran prior to November month-end close.  You can see this timeline (and other key month-end cutoff dates) on the Financial Reporting & Operations operational calendar


11/15/19:  ITS-EA is continuing to coordinate resolution with Oracle via a SEV1 service request.  The team has been provided a patch that was moved into a test environment this week.  The initial review looks promising thus far but they will continue an extensive review to ensure the test yields anticipated results before moving the patch into production.  In addition to resolving the encumbrance processing issue, Oracle is also working on a data fix patch which will retroactively correct the labor commitments that are currently overstated or missing. 

The Payroll Earnings Detail report in UBI Analytics has started pulling in new retro actions; we hope to have all retro actions going back to Workday go-live soon.  Future enhancements will include adding the date of the payroll period impacted by the retro event. We are also working on additional resources to help people understand the cross-walk between Workday compensation elements and Oracle expenditure types and what actions may need to be taken in the Oracle LD module. 

Another positive note:  Financial Reporting and Operations is working with Enterprise Applications to further building out their operational calendar to provide greater transparency into various deadlines and system processing events.


11/8/19:  ITS-EA is continuing to work with Oracle on a new patch that will address the problem with labor commitments. Once we receive the patch, it will be tested and, if validated, applied to our production environment.

On a positive note, for those of you monitoring the payroll transactions that are not appropriately passed to Oracle (available behind Netbadge on UVA HR's LD Transactions Not Available in Oracle web page), I'm happy to report there were no unprocessed entries this week thanks to the ongoing work of the ITS-EA team.  We will be removing the FY19 spreadsheet from the web site but will continue to update the FY20 spreadsheet weekly to provide you with visibility into any processing defects.

BudgetUVA and Recon@ are not currently reporting any issues.


11/4/19:  While improving system performance in one area, a recent Oracle patch created unanticipated issues with commitments on biweekly payrolls 21 and 22 and monthly payroll 10, which you will see reflected in your October reports. Specifically, you might see that labor commitments are overstated or, for personnel who had an LD schedule change, missing for the remainder of FY20.  While labor commitments may be inaccurate for October, actual expenditures are correctly reflected in Oracle and downstream reporting solutions.

UVAFinance and ITS-EA are actively working to address this problem as quickly as possible; once the current issue is corrected, your commitments should be updated and accurate from that point forward.  Beginning next week, we will post weekly updates in the news section of the FOC homepage regarding this issue and any other system status updates.