Responsibilities and Training

For each Integrated System finance module you will find a description of each system responsibility associated with that module, and information about required or recommended training. Most finance responsibilities require the completion of training and with a few exceptions, require completion of an instructor-led introductory course, Finance Fundamentals, as well as online training specific to the responsibility. The steps to complete required training are:

  1. Click on the module name and find the responsibility.
  2. Enroll in each course.  Use the links or search for the courses using the Learning app in Workday.
  3. Complete all training.  Please take the courses in the order listed, with the exception of Finance Fundamentals and the PO Shopper's Guide to Finance Fundamentals, which can be taken in any order.
  4. IMPORTANT:  Email when you have completed all training for a responsibility.


See Training for Finance Responsibilities for a full list of all of the responsibilities and associated training.