Tips and Tricks Tutorials

The following are videos with helpful tips, tricks, and shortcuts to help you save time and effort, and reduce mistakes when working in the Integrated System.

All Users: Learn how to access and navigate the Integrated System's online help.

All Users: Learn how to subscribe to Learning Paths and enroll in training for Integrated System Responsibilities.

Purchasing Users: Learn how to set or change preferences for information such as delivery location codes and PTAEOs.

Purchasing Users:  Learn how to easily find Delivery Location Codes for your department to track receiving for goods and services.

Purchasing Users:  Some requisitions need approval from buyers in Procurement and Supplier Diversity Services, so instead of a purchase order being automatically generated, the requisition will route to the buyer. Learn how you can track which buyer has your requisition.

Purchasing Users: Learn how to forward a requisition to an alternate approver if your approver is out of the office or unavailable.

Purchasing Users:  Learn how to use the Buyer Assist Form to request assistance from a buyer in Procurement and Supplier Diversity Services when you need help with a requisition, including times when vendors will not accept purchase orders, or when a vendor requires prepayment or a signature on a contract.

Labor Schedulers:  Learn how to navigate within Workday to find information on an employee that is relevant to scheduling their labor (i.e. their position, status of business processes) and also